Episode #11: David vs Goliath

Episode #11: David vs Goliath 

The opener:

“If you’re squatting and you’re like, ‘I got this all day’, guess what motherfucker you’re not gettin’ strong.  That’s not how you get strong.  You get strong by getting fuckin’ stapled to the floor.  You get strong by going like you’re going to shit your colon out trying to pick that bar up.”

In this episode:

Hacksaw and Cotton are in; Cotton is responsive to spacial pressure; Jay tells the story of hitting his mother, and “it’s never the what it’s the why”; that one time Beau and Jay tracked a pedophile; people are raised soft nowadays, and how not to repeat that cycle; listener question about at what point does size negate technique; and, how you get stronger . . . in every aspect.


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