Episode #104: Mustaches, Primal Violence, and Charlatans

Episode #104: Mustaches, Primal Violence, and Charlatans

In this episode:

Beau’s growing racist facial hair; Jay can’t get past Beau and frog masturbation; follow-up to last week’s discussion about animal morality raises the possibility of evil dolphins; job interviews and conformity; preview of the McGregor/Aldo fight; and Krav Maga Guy posts another video . . . Jay responds.

The opener:

“Goddamn, at least get in one real fist fight in your fuckin’ life before you take all of these house wives’ money, lying to them about what will and will not stop rape.  Just ’cause you’re a big enough cuntthat you’ll stop when someone flicks your eyeball doesn’t mean the dude that’s gonna fuck your old lady is.  Fuckin’ loser.”


Beard Seoi Nage (video)

Zipper the Dolphin (video)

The infamous frog masturbation episode (episode: #101)

Aldo v Brown (video)

Krav Maga Guy (video)


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