Episode #105: Obscene Politics, etc.

Episode #105: “Obscene Politics, etc.”

In this episode:

Hacksaw drops in; Jay doesn’t want to talk about politics . . . lays out his policies should he run for President, which includes thinning the herd; apocalypse preppers who play Farmville; are things really that bad?; bachelor parties and motorized vehicles do not mix; once again, frogs and chimps masturbating; and the safety of the choke over other non-lethal force.

The opener:

“The end result of this, eventually, is just going to be catastrophic social failure, followed by mass extinction, followed by just anarchy, and then pure beauty.”


We are really bad at predicting the apocalypse 

When the apocalypse comes, preppers will be ready. But you won’t.

Daniel Tosh:  Why the world hates Americans (video)

The infamous frog masturbation episode (episode: #101)

Taser Health Risks Include Ventricular Fibrillation, Lethal Head Injuries From Falls

Choking 101


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