Episode #114: Obscene Clowns and Dating Advice

Episode #114: Obscene Clowns and Dating Advice

In this episode:

Black belt Paul Gorman sits in, and perpetual white belt Dan Neuman gets the coffee; clown sex parties on Showtime; weird sexual fetishes and the psychology of people; a common Halloween game freaks Beau out; listener (not Haskell) question about dating in the academy; and dating after your significant other dies and trying to replicate relationships.

The opener:

“Come fuckin’ bring your clown shit to me, you know what I mean.  Bring your clown shit, dude, I’ll fuckin’ smash you and your fat fuckin’ Mountain Dew cunt of a girlfriend.  I’ll beat the shit out of the both of you.”


As always:

Photo Credit:

Wikipedia: Example of an Evil Clown” by AndHereWeGo is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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