Episode #123: Podcasting, Cleavage, and Personal Change

Episode #123: Podcasting, Cleavage, and Personal Change

In this episode:

Recap of the Soneca seminar; dog training podcasts; Beau’s concerned about the podcast and why people don’t have the wisdom teeth;  story how Jay doesn’t care about boobs . . . looks at boobs; and Jay wonders if his dementia is getting worse.

The opener:

“I don’t think it worked, but dad, when my wisdom teeth would start to come in, he would make me bite a wooden spoon, I’d have to put a wooden spoon over them and bite as hard as I could to make ’em stop coming in, but I’m almost certain that didn’t fuckin’ work.”


As always


Photo credit

Wikipedia: Asymptomatic disease free impacted wisdom teeth” by Ian Furst is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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