Episode #137: Throw them to the Wolves

Episode #137: “Throw them to the Wolves”

In this episode:

John Bronson stops by; RV talk turns into Zombiepocalyplse Luxury Ride talk (see show notes); if you’re going cannibal, don’t forget your fish pills; wolves attacking wedding parties; anarcho-primitivism, John Zerzan, and the Unabomber; Star Wars is like Satanism (see show notes); and Pokemon Go causes Facebook controversy.



Jay’s earth roamer is actually the Ultimate Zombiepocalypse Luxury Ride (video)

10 Things You Always Wondered About Cannibalism

Five Years Later, Cutting Through the Fukushima Myths

“Wolves Kill Bridal Party,” New York Times (1911)

Unabomber Manifesto

John Zerzan

John Zerzan radio

Pokey Man video at the center of the controversy

Confirmed picture of Haskell with his panties in a bunch


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