Episode #141: Ownership, Vigilantism, and Eugenics

Episode #141:  Ownership, Vigilantism, and Eugenics

In this episode:

Hacksaw’s in . . . so am I, and Beau is jealous; ice cream, broccoli, and getting proper feed-back on your jiu-jitsu technique; discussion about vigilante beating pedophiles with a hammer; Hacksaw doesn’t listen to the podcast, and how Jay and Mandy met; there’re too many people on the planet; and people are afraid of confrontation, and Jay lays out his political policies . . . and not everyone might survive.

The opener:

“I’m telling you right now, when a ball hits my dog, and hurts my dog, I’m going to fucking smash you.  You’re kids not going to get hit.  You’re kid’s a kid.”


Of course, make sure to check out:


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