Episode #143: Vulgar Clowns, and Martial Arts

Episode #143:  Vulgar Clowns, and Martial Arts

In this episode:

Zero time world champion blue belt John Haskell is in; Beau is expecting a special guest, and has a test coming up; clowns who lure children into the woods, and other pedophilic professions; an article discussing women and martial arts uses a horrendous analog; bullshit martial artists and their delusional understanding of self-defense; and the psychology of training.

The opener:

“I’ve never seen a clown and didn’t they were trying lure kids into the woods.  I’m not like, no way, no way that’s happening.  You’re like, yeah, every time I see a clown, I’m like, he’s trying to fuck a kid for sure.”

Show Notes:

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