Episode #146: Call them out, all of them

Episode #146:  Call them out, all of them

In this episode:

Jay’s in California with Chad, while Beau’s sleepy; Jay has flashbacks to fights while presenting at the dog conference; deaf people probably don’t listen to the podcast (and no, Haskell’s not transcribing anything); T-SHIRTS, WE’VE GOT T-SHIRTS FOR SALE!!!; the story behind Jay’s disdain for Eddie Bravo; Beau’s a podcast inspiration; and fake black belts, and the line between teaching a lesson and humiliating someone.

The opener:

“I’ve carried dudes back to the ring over my head and thrown them back into the middle of the ring, I’ve fucked people up, choked people out, do you know what I mean, and it’s the highlight for the show, and I’m like ‘I wonder which one of my many fights they’ll put in there,’ oh the one of me getting kicked in the fuckin’ mouth, that’s awesome.  Hey, thanks man.”


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