Episode #147: Marriage, and Taking Back Self-Defense

Episode #147: Marriage, and Taking Back Self-Defense

In this episode:

Mandy’s in . . . so’s Titties; Jay’s run for President, how he would lead, and his policy platforms; people don’t actually want change; is Beau on drugs?; marriage and legal ramifications morphs into a discussion about death and suicide, and we try to guess Jay’s age . . . again; a discussion about an article arguing the mount is superior to the back, and Jay breaks down the parameters of control; and we have t-shirts for sale.

The opener:

“Or like even like suicide, like,  I don’t even have anxiety about that.  I’ve made peace with the idea of like, I’m going to get so old that it’s gonna suck, and I’m going to want to kill myself.  Okay that’s fine.  And I’ve made peace with both of those things, but then it’s like, the thought that that’s cool that you made peace with that, but I’m gonna do it to you anyway.  There’s this thing that going, I will do this to you, and you cannot win, you cannot beat that, you cannot escape that.”



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