Episode #152: Love ’em or Leave ’em

Episode #152:  Love ’em or Leave ’em

The opener:

“So me and Mandy the other day were talking about getting a divorce.  Yeah dude, this is the kind of discomfort I enjoy spreading around the world, look at that face.  It’s your fault too.  No, you’re literally the reason we were having the conversation.”

In this episode:

  • Titties and Cotton are in; Jay’s not a good businessman and doesn’t care what people think;
  • people are shittier to the people closest to them; Beau’s never pulled a knife on anyone, but has choked people out, and Durfee owes his life to Beau;
  • being grateful for the people around you;
  • Jay and Mandy talk about getting a divorce spawns into a discussion about the institution of marriage;
  • And Jay makes divorce sound romantic.


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