Episode #153: Genuinely Weird

Episode #153:  Genuinely Weird

The opener:

“If there’s a campground that look likes–, if there’s a KOA out there that looks like the fuckin’ purge, somebody give me a gift certificate, because I will fuckin’ go and it will be awesome.  I will hatchet fuck everyone of the people in that place.  Be all by myself in a big ol’ shower room.”

In this episode:

Country and most other music is terrible; Beau’s wardrobe, and the BJJ community is a little consumed with fashion; silicone and wedding rings; Beau doesn’t tell a mountain climbing story . . . actually yes he does; fashion trends and vanity; Jay’s never been camping, and apparently Beau goes camping in a Nightmare on Elm St. movie; perverted scavenger hunt in Westbrook and the mystery of the bloody sock and shit covered condom; and discussion about Beau’s black belt test.


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