Episode #157: Too illegit to quit

Episode #157:  Too illegit to quit

The opener:

“He was like, ‘we’re recording this conversation’, I was like, ‘record it, tell me when it’s fucking going so that I can talk’, and then he’s like ‘we’re recording right now’, and I’m like, ‘here’s the deal,  I will never give you a fucking penny.  I will fucking eat a bullet.  I will put a bullet in my fucking mouth before I give you a fucking penny.  In my whole life.  I’ll do time gladly.  I’ll burn everything I have to the fucking ground and I will do jail time, I will never give you a penny.  It’s a matter of discipline and honor at this point.  Fuck you.”

In this episode:

Rob Morrison, Pockets, and Titties are in; Mable is upset about being in the crate; a recap of the previous episode about Jay’s Christmas night, and how his life is not bad; internal podcast discussion about the show’s non-positive revenue streams, and intellectual property law; psychology and dealing with an armed robber; the origins of the Academy, Beau’s martial arts training, and over-coaching is exemplified by over-explaining; a listener question about SAMBO, and combat jiu-jitsu.


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