Episode #162: When to throw in the towel

Episode #162:  When to throw in the towel

The opener:

“I was talking to somebody just a couple days–, like literally the other day in the grocery store, and uh– [You were, like a random person?].  Yeah, totally random, just walked up for no reason said, ‘hhhiiiiiiiii, how you doing. Hhheeeeyyyy’.  I just jumped in their cart and said, ‘wanna talk to me, I’m lonely?’.”

In this episode:

We are without dogs, at first; you don’t want to get in a fight without pants; training on carpets, and needing nursing care; a listener question about knowing when to throw in the towel, and how to handle external pressures when competing; and Mandy has zero sympathy for girthy blue belts.


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