Episode #164: A Series of Vulgar Questions

Episode #164:  A series of vulgar questions

The opener:

“I so wish to God I had a confetti bomb right now.  If we had a dude in a clown suit that could jump out right, throw confetti, and go ‘fuck off’, that would be the best thing in the world.”   

In this episode:

Titties and Paul Gorman are in; the intro has changed, and we are a low tech skill podcast; the social norm of not speaking ill of the dead; Paul enters the studio like an ax murderer; should society mete out punishment based on the individual or on the health of the organism (society); Jay poses a pegging/dildo ethical question . . . Beau responds; and then there’s a follow up question.


Photo Credit:

  • “DildoNewfoundland” by Jcmurphy is licensed under CC BY-SA

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