Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

In this episode:

Beau thinks Jay is a like a janitor at MIT; Jay talks about growing up ugly, and the one time he was innocent; a discussion about the jiu-jitsu tournament with strikes idea brought up in the previous episode; how the internet has changed a fighter’s approach to their next opponent; the time Mandy set a fight for herself, and the purpose of managers, and performance anxiety. Continue reading “Episode #187: Growing up Ugly”

Episode #186: Violent Games

Episode #186: Violent Games

In this episode:

Is Beau the most badass podcast producer, and starting a combat jiu-jitsu tournament in Maine; facing fears, why people who train should compete at least once, and Jay jumping off a pier; Beau’s violent card game; and what brought the Jack family together.  Continue reading “Episode #186: Violent Games”

Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?

Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?

In this episode:

A quick recap of this past weekend’s black belt test, and Beau thinks we need to think the herd; listener question about finding the right jiu-jitsu school; performance anxiety vs stage-fright; what would Jay be like as a licensed therapist; and the social acceptance of gender power differential. Continue reading “Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?”

Episode #184: The Spice of Life

Episode #184: The Spice of Life

In this episode:

Jay’s iphone is updated, music, and regional hip hip to start the show; Jay’s doing more things and is in a good place; a listener question about eating disorders/issues and mma/bjj, and how fighting ruined Jay’s self-discipline; and Beau’s lack of self-confidence annoys Jay. Continue reading “Episode #184: The Spice of Life”

Episode #183: Coaching and Relationships

Episode #183: Coaching and Relationships

In this episode:

Jay, Beau, and Mandy talk about doing a relationship podcast; Jay and Mandy talk about how they first met; how to manage training with your significant other; getting into a flow state; and the lack of quality control in MMA. Continue reading “Episode #183: Coaching and Relationships”

Episode #182: Gameness Despite Certain Defeat

Episode #182: Gameness Despite Certain Defeat

In this episode:

A full house is in, and the show starts with some moral questions for Beau and whether money will influence your decision making; Jay talks about the Rickson red belt promotion; and then a listener question about shark tanks opens up into a larger discussion about Jay’s philosophy on jiu-jitsu. Continue reading “Episode #182: Gameness Despite Certain Defeat”

Episode #181: Tattoos, Tribalism, and Loyalty

Episode #181: Tattoos, Tribalism, and Loyalty

In this episode:

Mandy’s in; the show starts with Beau resolving some technical difficulties; a discussion a tattoos turns into a larger discussion about loyalty; the institution of marriage and why people enter into relationships; and relationship podcast try-out, and pig-holes. Continue reading “Episode #181: Tattoos, Tribalism, and Loyalty”