Episode #193: We’re in a Shitty Matrix

Episode #193: We’re in a Shitty Matrix

In this episode:

Jay recaps his recent dog training trip to Florida; traveling sucks, and a big name in bjj might be hosting a seminar in the gym; a PSA about pranks, clowns, and masks, and there not mixing with Jay; jumping guard and the resulting injuries; and social media, and the Matrix.





Episode #190: Jay’s Baby

Episode #190: Jay’s Baby

In this episode:

Dual cast on Facebook live; Jay and Beau talk about the recent dog conference in St. Louis; a roll between Jay and Beau brings up the topic of how hard you should roll/go for submissions; Jay talks about watching former students get promoted through the ranks and teach elsewhere; the gym is having a Thanksgiving event, complete with a talent show; Jay reveals his family ancestry, and Go Fund Me proposal for Jay to start procreating. Continue reading “Episode #190: Jay’s Baby”

Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

Episode #187: Growing up Ugly

In this episode:

Beau thinks Jay is a like a janitor at MIT; Jay talks about growing up ugly, and the one time he was innocent; a discussion about the jiu-jitsu tournament with strikes idea brought up in the previous episode; how the internet has changed a fighter’s approach to their next opponent; the time Mandy set a fight for herself, and the purpose of managers, and performance anxiety. Continue reading “Episode #187: Growing up Ugly”

Episode #186: Violent Games

Episode #186: Violent Games

In this episode:

Is Beau the most badass podcast producer, and starting a combat jiu-jitsu tournament in Maine; facing fears, why people who train should compete at least once, and Jay jumping off a pier; Beau’s violent card game; and what brought the Jack family together.  Continue reading “Episode #186: Violent Games”

Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?

Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?

In this episode:

A quick recap of this past weekend’s black belt test, and Beau thinks we need to think the herd; listener question about finding the right jiu-jitsu school; performance anxiety vs stage-fright; what would Jay be like as a licensed therapist; and the social acceptance of gender power differential. Continue reading “Episode #185: What Makes a Good School?”