Episode #201: Kill your own Weakness

Episode #201: Kill your own Weakness

In this episode:

A listener writes in about their experience with shark tanks; Jay and Beau plan a getaway together; the role of shark tanks for anyone who trains BJJ; finding surrogate activities and lifting; and near drowning experiences.

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Episode #200: Blood Lines, and Holiday Violence

Episode #200: Blood Lines, and Holiday Violence

In this episode:

Jay decorated a Christmas tree; Beau tells some ‘cheery’ Christmas stories; listener question about the lack of strikes on Jay’s curriculum; the responsibility of teaching, and changing the curriculum. Continue reading “Episode #200: Blood Lines, and Holiday Violence”

Episode #199: Fuck the Frauds

Episode #199: Fuck the Frauds

In this episode:

Beau is offended by being called what he is; the impact of the podcast on people, and being careful of the influence you have on people; Jay gets hit on in Florida; listener question about training on their own; discussion about weapons in fights, and the problem of close proximity; and another self-defense “expert” and their snake oil. Continue reading “Episode #199: Fuck the Frauds”

Episode #198: Live with Brave Intention

Episode #198: Live with Brave Intention

In this episode:

Jay and Beau talk about the holidays; Amazon’s new delivery service; Beau’s losing his hypervigilance; and a listener question about leaving a suicide note leads into a discussion about why no one’s opinion matters. Continue reading “Episode #198: Live with Brave Intention”

Episode #197: Your Relationship with BJJ

Episode #197: Your Relationship with BJJ

In this episode:

Beau disparages sign language; listener questions about the relationship between performance in a tournament and performance in self defense, and staying motivated after 10 years of training; your relationship with your training; and a preview of next week’s show. Continue reading “Episode #197: Your Relationship with BJJ”

Episode #196: Verbal Abuse

Episode #196: Verbal Abuse

In this episode:

The show kicks off by showing how little sports knowledge Jay has; Jay and Beau recap the busy weekend at the gym, including the fights and a discussion about gameness, and the Cyborg seminar; Jay’s trying to tone down the amount he picks on people; a question about lower ranks taking seminars with high level people; and lamps in weird places, scars, and other weird shit.



Episode #195: Too Many Topics

Episode #195: Too Many Topics

In this episode:

Paul Gorman joins the podcast for the first time in a while; the role of strength training in your overall training regimen; lifting accidents and other horrible shit on the internet; being a generalist in training, genetics, and ageing; Pockets is not well versed in the art of eating peanut butter with a knife; Beau talks about his college years, and the first time he had a drink; and the upcoming seminar with Cyborg, and Jay’s stance on people from other schools visiting.  Continue reading “Episode #195: Too Many Topics”