Episode #220: Steadfast Purpose

Episode #220: Steadfast Purpose (click here to listen)

In this episode:

  • Jay’s dog, Milo, passed away over the weekend . . . Beau’s not awkward at all;
  • dealing with death and venting emotions;
  • Jay’s hand sounds like bubble wrap popping;
  • Social media and trolling for attention;
  • armed standoff in Jay’s neighborhood; and
  • people’s pendulum and how to control it.

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Episode #218: Gameness and Empathy

Episode #218: Gameness and Empathy (click here to listen)

In this episode:

A recent chair throwing incident at an IBJJF tournament; a listener question about gameness turns into a discussion about individual attributes and personal accomplishment; the importance of gameness vs empathy; and listener question asking ‘What Would Jay Jack Do?’. Continue reading “Episode #218: Gameness and Empathy”

Episode #216: Learning the Language of Pressure

Episode #216: Learning the Language of Pressure (click here to listen)

In this episode:

Mandy and Ashley are in again; Jay talks about intro songs and the upcoming Fight to Win Pro; a listener question about cultivating gameness in training partners; and another question about Jay crying. Continue reading “Episode #216: Learning the Language of Pressure”

Episode #214: Training with Pressure and Anxiety

Episode #214: Training with Pressure and Anxiety (click here to listen)

In this Episode:

Ashley, Julia, and Aiko are back to answer more questions; discussion about dealing with the anxiety of training and how to confront it; being careful with the respect you give to people; and being okay with saying no on the mat.