Episode #209: All deaths are not equal

Episode #209: All deaths are not equal

In this episode:

More snowstorms forecasted, and why living anywhere sucks; what would happen to the gym if Jay died; dealing with getting, and the decision to end it; and Jay doesn’t need a shrink. Continue reading “Episode #209: All deaths are not equal”


Episode #208: Between Fatigue and Victory

Episode #208: Between Fatigue and Victory

In this episode:

We’re getting buried with snow; a recap of the recent Grappling Industries tournament, and what Jay values from competition; the difference between coaching and encouraging; and the benefits of training fatigued. Continue reading “Episode #208: Between Fatigue and Victory”

Episode #205: Suffer Honorably

Episode #205: Suffer Honorably

In this episode:

Touching on last week’s episode, and how in the intended impact of the podcast on listeners; Jay’s perspective of money and finances; listener question about finding positive methods to vent emotionally, and self-harm; and Jay’s going sky-diving. Continue reading “Episode #205: Suffer Honorably”

Episode #203: Projects of Passion

Episode #203: Projects of Passion

In this episode:

Jay’s back, which brings an end to the month long hiatus; Jay talks about his trip to Florida to work with dogs; the need to take a break from training from time to time; health, performance, and longevity, and trying to balance the three, and knowing when to walk away from fighting; and finding your passion. Continue reading “Episode #203: Projects of Passion”