Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

In this episode:

Jay has some decorative plant ideas for the gym; treatment of animals; Beau’s angst brings up the topic of testosterone and replacement therapy; the recent Portland train stabbing, the economics of morality, the coward gene, and appeasement behavior; and quick parenting tip from Jay. Continue reading “Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene”

Episode #176: Belt Disputes, and Town Bullies

Episode #176:   Belt Disputes, and Town Bullies 

In this episode:

Jay talks about the random shit you see in rural Maine; discussion about the Brendan Schaub/demotion story; belt requirements and changing gyms; how to make no-limit jiu-jitsu appealing to the masses; and town bullies. Continue reading “Episode #176: Belt Disputes, and Town Bullies”

Episode #175: Romance vs. Jiu Jitsu

Episode #175: Romance vs. Jiu Jitsu (click to play)

In this episode:

Standoff is now a racial slur; social media and getting old; marriage, relationships, and the question of whether monogamy is natural; people aren’t truly honest in their relationships; and relationship advice targeted at Pockets.  Continue reading “Episode #175: Romance vs. Jiu Jitsu”

Episode #174: Thicker than Blood

Episode #174:  Thicker than Blood (click to listen to the episode)

In this episode:

Jay and Beau talk about the start summer, ticks, moose, and other things Maine; listener question about family members you don’t see eye to eye with sparks a discussion about weighing jail time against the guilt of not acting, and dealing with family and knowing when you should burn the bridge; and the biology of relationships and conflict, and the role of emotion. Continue reading “Episode #174: Thicker than Blood”

Episode #173: Life, Death, and the Fallacy of Loyalty

Episode #173:  Life, Death, and the Fallacy of Loyalty

In this episode:

Beau asks Jay to prod him, and discussions his morning routine; nostalgia and dealing with death; Jay discusses the concept of loyalty generally, and loyalty specifically in the gym; and next we will get back to listener questions. Continue reading “Episode #173: Life, Death, and the Fallacy of Loyalty”