2014 Interview with Mike Brown

2014 Interview with Mike Brown

In this episode:

Jay and Beau interview former WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown, as they discussed the beginning of the MMA scene in Maine, training together, and other stories.

The opener:

“Do you remember the day we met?  You fucking choked me out in front of my students you son of a bitch.”


Mike Brown 


Episode #2: TJay Thompson, MMA, and the story contest begins

Episode #2:  TJay Thompson, MMA, and the story contest begins

In this episode:

MMA pioneer TJay Thompson calls into the show; rolling when you’re older; teaching the basics and meanness; life and training when you’re done fighting; respecting the choke; the Bas Rutten heal hooking a stripper and other stories; and point vs submission tournaments. Continue reading “Episode #2: TJay Thompson, MMA, and the story contest begins”